Sims 4 Friend House

This idea has surely been beaten to death, but I’ve always wanted to make a Sims household full of friends just to see what would happen. After bugging my friends for a bunch of their traits, I filled up a ‘family’ with 7 of my closest friends on Discord. The result is below.

Left to right: Big D Nick, wood 4sheep, Hydro CoDan, Captain Fershizz, Tacster Clarity, Stampede Clarity, R Swany, and Raka Religion.

We make a handsome, albeit ragtag, group of cool dudes. And so the eight of us all moved in to our new place. A moderately sized two-story, three bedroom, two bathroom house that was most certainly not built for eight. So right off the bat we had to make some renovations.

This is far more space than we can afford to two bedrooms.
Much better. Everyone gets a bed and a computer. Simple enough.
The inside out bedroom.

After splitting two rooms into five, and another into two more, I realized I only had seven beds available. No matter, this was quickly solved by adding an additional bedroom to the main floor, with access provided by the back porch. Hope we don’t need a permit for that!

Right off the bat, all of the sims decided they weren’t going to wear their hand picked, recognizable outfits and instead would cause confusion by wearing a bouquet of mostly awful choices. We rolled with this for a while before finally asking them all to change into their iconic styles.

Supposedly Stampede has a hat like this in real life.

And with that, they were off. With entertainment options including computers, gaming consoles, television, basketball, music, and more, where would they end up?

Right off the bat Stampede and Raka made for the living room. With some vampires on the TV, James was enthralled. Raka opted for some reading. And the whole thing was certainly out of style, but we can’t complain – the furniture came with the house! Upstairs, things went about as expected. Tacster was first on the computer but then disappeared for a bit. Rswany, wood4sheep, Big D Nick, and the Captain all opted for some computer time as well. Looked like everyone was ready to start gaming. (Too meta?)

Except, wait. What’s this? Captain Fershizz? What are you doing??

After staring at the blank screen for a bit, Captain Fershizz stands up and walks away. Which leaves us free to see if we can find Tacster. Easy enough. Raka has migrated to the computer as well, while Tacster keeps him company on the bed reading to him aloud.

The neighbors stop by for a bit of housewarming. Hydro has absolutely zero time for this.

Not exactly sure what is happening here, but he was in the bathroom for a while.

Soon the guests leave and everyone starts getting hungry. Everyone gathers in the living room for some food and games. It appears one of the neighbors brought fruitcake, and this will be dinner for the evening.

A quite plausible scene.

After dinner, everyone actually does a pretty good job of cleaning up after themselves. A few of the sims even have some good hygiene habits. Stampede is responsible and goes to bed first. Everyone eventually follows suit.

EXCEPT HYDROCODAN. I don’t know what is wrong with this dude, but he stays up almost night. First he cooks hotdogs in the rain. Then he’s doing crunches. He runs around outside in the rain some more for a bit. He goes and plays video games next to a sleeping Tacster. He plays some chess with himself. He does more crunches next to a sleeping Stampede. He finally goes to bed at nearly six in the morning.

Stampede is the first to wake up, and as Hydro’s midnight hotdogs are no longer edible, decides to whip up his own morning batch. This brings the rest of the house running. Will they all simply subsist on hot dogs? Again, this would be fairly likely in real life. Raka makes his own eggs, so good on him!

The Sims really start to hit their stride the first day in the house. Raka sits at the chess board and stands up almost immediately as Stampede sits down for a game. Tacster spends most of his day shouting angrily at the computer. Captain Fershizz even spends some of his time trying to teach Hydro CoDan how to plan basketball. It doesn’t go well for either of them.

Probably on /r/thedonald.

Hydro can literally not stop eating hotdogs. I don’t know what it is with him, but he just can’t get enough.

It’s at about this time that it is pointed out to me the extra bedroom we built does not have a roof. Hydro is sitting on the bed, sopping wet, eating a soggy hotdog.

We’ll just fix that real quick.

Tacster and Rswany take part in their first online gaming tournament and throw 40 simoleons down the drain. Shortly after this one of the neighbors invited everyone downtown for a comedy festival. It wasn’t funny, and the only thing of note was Raka telling jokes to basically no one the time.

The guys stay out too late at the festival, and by the time everyone gets home, they are exhausted and disgusting. Nearly everyone falls asleep right away. This results in some awkward positions, but hopefully some well rested Sims the next time around.

Oh, except for Hydro CoDan. Of course!

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